Roof Repairs

Our Simple Roof Repair Process

  • Fill Out Our Roof Repair Consultation Form

    Our roofing repair consultation form collects the necessary information we need to provide you with an accurate roof repair.  If you can take detailed photos of the trouble area and upload them through the contact form we can usually provide a rough repair estimate via email without a site visit.

  • Provide Photos & You'll Save Money

    If you can provide detailed photos of the trouble area on your roof it will save us time and ultimately save you money.  Ideally we need a couple of photos of the outside of the problem area and a couple of photos of the inside of the area (from inside your attic).  Photos are very helpful for us in determining the extent of the problem and we can spot any obvious issues.

  • Schedule A Time For Your On-Site Consultation

    If we've received photos of your roofing issue we should be able to email you an estimate within 24-48 hours.  If your issue is more complicated and you feel an on-site consultation would be better then we'll work with you to schedule a time.  There will be a $50.00 fee for an on-site consultation.  This compensates us for our time so we can do a detailed inspection.  If you decide to move forward with the repairs we'll credit the $50 fee towards your repair cost.

  • Thoroughly Inspecting Your Roof

    When we arrive on the scheduled day and time our roofing expert will discuss the problem with you, take a look at any areas you can point out and then we'll get on the roof and assess the situation to discover where the problem is and what the most effective repair is going to be.

  • Discuss Our Findings & Cost Estimate With You

    After our thorough inspection we'll have a good idea on what will be needed for time and materials to complete your repair.  We'll discuss our findings with you and provide with an estimate and timeline to complete the repair.

  • Pick Up Materials And Complete The Repair

    Once you've accepted the cost estimate for the repair we'll go and pick up the necessary materials and complete your roofing repair.  Most small repairs can be completed within the same day.  For larger or more complex repairs they could take 1-3 days depending on the extent of the problem.

Roof Repair Questions & Answers

Our roof repair prices start at a modest $395.00 as a minimum charge.  This would include our $50.00 consultation fee if you haven't provided any photos of the problem area.  This consultation fee includes our trip to inspect the problem and 30 mins or so to inspect the problem and come up with a solution.
The repair fee includes a trip to the supply store to gather all the necessary material (remember there are hundreds of different roofing materials making it impossible to carry all the material we need with us) and then a trip back to your property and one hour worth of work on the problem.
Our hourly rate is $75 per hour per man.
Materials are extra. If it is determined upon arrival that the repair will be more than $750.00 (roughly a half day of work, minus material), a written proposal will be given and the repair consultation fee will be waived.

We strive to provide fast, expedient service for all of your roof repair clients but this is not always possible due to limited man power.  Our roofing crews are setup with trucks and trailers primarily for roof replacement projects.  When we have crews out on roof replacement projects it's not feasible for us to send out one of our experts who will then have to take a truck and trailer away from a large project to complete a small roof repair.

If we are too busy to handle your roof repair when you call or email we'll let you know and we are happy to recommend someone else we trust to do a good job for you.

It's not that we don't want the work, we just want to make sure we're going to be able to provide our top-notch services our customers have grown to expect from us.  If we can't deliver that experience we'll let you know.

For minor roof repairs we can usually complete them the same day as your on-site consultation providing the consultation has taken place prior to 10am.  If we do a late afternoon consultation we might not be able to complete the repair until the next business day.

Larger roofing repairs where a combination of replacement shingles, sheathing/decking, and ventilation is required might take up to 1-3 days and we'll provide you with an accurate timeline if this is the case.

It saves us considerable time if you can provide detailed photos of the problem area on your roof and we're also able to provide you with a FREE estimate without charging our consultation fee.

Photos That Are Helpful:

  • one photo zoomed in on the problem area.
  • one photo showing the surrounding area of the problem.
  • one photo showing the entire roof from that side of your home.
  • one photo from underside of the issue such as from inside your attic.

Please Note:  In some cases photos won't be helpful and we'll need to perform an on-site, expert inspection of the roof.  We make every effort to save us both time but if we don't feel confident providing an estimate on photos alone we'll let you know and we can schedule an appointment for your consultation.

We don't provide a guarantee on all repairs.  There is just too many variables when it comes to roofing issues that are out of our control.

  • Has the area been repaired in the past?
  • How long has this issue been present for?
  • Have you tried DIY repairs on the problem area?
  • Is the surrounding roofing area in bad shape?

We guarantee we'll do our best to fix your problem but we do not offer a guarantee your roof won't have problems in the future.  We will be honest with you during our assessment and we'll make sure we set realistic expectations so you are well-informed about the issue troubling your roof.

Yes, in most cases we can match your existing shingles or at least come very close.  If the shingles are old or no longer produced we'll be able to provide you with a shingle that closely resembles your existing shingles but we make no promises of an "exact match" in all cases.  We will try our best though.

If you need emergency tarping services for your roof that is leaking during a storm we strongly suggest you contact your insurance company first as they will be able to arrange for the tarping of your roof.  We are happy to provide you with a repair estimate once the damage has been mitigated.

Roof Repair Services Wake County North Carolina

Finding a leak in your roof or another issue that comprises the integrity of your roofing system can be extremely stressful.  What's even more stressful is not being able to find a reputable roofer who is willing to come out and inspect and repair the problem.

At Gutter Pros we take roofing repairs seriously but at the same time we want to educate the homeowner so they understand a little more about the roof repair process.

Roof Repairs are often required after a severe storm or if your roofing material is just old and starting to break down. There can be a whole host of reasons your roof is failing and needs repair but it's important to get it repaired as quickly as possible because your roof is a major part of your "building envelope" and if the repairs are not taken care of quickly then your home or it's contents could suffer from water damage and mold.

Gutter Pros is a an exterior home improvement company based out of Wake Forest, NC.  We specialize in roofing repairs for storm damaged or poorly installed roofing that is beginning to fail.  Whatever the cause of your roof damage Gutter Pros can repair your roof for you.

How Do You Know Your Roof Needs Repair?

One of the most obvious reasons our clients will phone us with a roof repair issue is because they've discovered a leak!  If your roof is leaking you definitely need a professional to inspect your roofing to see where the problem might be.

It's not always as obvious as you might think, water can take strange and long pathways once it gets inside your home.  Other obvious signs you need roof repair could be missing or damaged shingles.

Another common cause of roofing issues we are called out to repair would be missing, damaged or poorly installed flashing around chimneys, pipes or seams between your 1st or 2nd story or dormers.  If flashing is not installed properly, or gets damaged it becomes a wide open gateway for water to enter your home.

Gutter Pros helps Wake County home and business owners inspect and repair their damaged roofs.

Roof Repairs in Wake Forest NC

  • Chimney Flashing Repairs
  • Roof Ventilation Repairs
  • Leaky Roof Repairs
  • New Gutter Systems

If your roof has been damaged and you need to have a professional complete the repairs for you then you should look no further than Gutter Pros.  We can make short work of your roofing repair project and will make sure the job is done right the first time.

Why Choose Gutter Pros Roofing Repair Project?

Gutter Pros is a full service roofing contractor that specializes in repairing and replacing damaged roofing systems on homes throughout Waukesha Wisconsin.  If the roof on your home, condo, townhome or apartment building is leaking or needs immediate repair we can locate and fix it for you.

If you'd like an estimate to repair the roof on your Wake County home then please give us a call (919) 909-9700 or fill out our online contact form and we'll get right back to you.